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Manual Galley Pumps
Manual Galley Pumps
We are excited to have put together a great selection of manual pumps. Some of these pumps have been available for years. For example, Whale's Gusher Galley pump has been in production since 1984 and has been fitted to thousands of boats. We also carry newer models like the elegant Tiptoe Galley Foot Pump which is recessed below the floor when closed and is comfortable to operate barefoot. Be sure to check out this exciting selection of galley pumps!
Protect your equipment with Salt-Away!
Better than water; spray it on, rinse salt away. Salt-Away is a unique cleaning product which removes saltwater deposits from topsides, decks, rigging, engine raw water cooling systems, trailers, tools, fishing equipment, and more. Use it as a flush, soak, or wash down. Helps prevent rust and corrosion by removing salt deposits, as well as leaving a protective rust inhibiting film. Applications for power and sail boaters, divers, anglers and personal watercraft.
SOS Distress Light
US Coast Gaurd approved LED Distress light!
The SOS Distress Light is the first and only LED Visual Distress Signal Device accepted to completely replace dangerous and environmentally harmful pyrotechnic marine flares. Battery-operated, buoyant, and lightweight SOS Distress Light, can be hand-held, tethered, or hoisted aloft. Lasts hours compared to flares, which last minutes, or flare gun meteors, which last mere seconds.
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From pulling in a monster catch to spending quality time with loved ones, boats enrich our lives in many ways. Everyone here at GBG loves the water and boats of many kinds. We are building a company to serve boat lovers like ourselves. Perhaps you're fixing up a good old boat that has not been out in a few years by replacing old, warn parts with new, better ones. Or, perhaps you're adding the best accessories to your new boat to maximize the time you spend on the water. Our mission is to provide our customers with high quality parts at the lowest prices.
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Fuse and Block Assembly - 300A
Sale: 87.50

Sale: 124.86

Grate Front Magazine Rack Teak
Sale: 68.86

Open Base Stud-Mount Cleat, 6"
Sale: 16.59

Barometer, German Movement-Slv Face
Sale: 197.58

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